Everset Skydive: An Elite Adventure at the Top of the World
Everest Skydive
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Highest Skydiving in the World - Everest Skydive
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Everest Skydive

Everest Skydive not only take you to the dizzying heights of 29,500ft over Mount Everest – the highest in the world, it also takes you to the heart of the Sherpa country into the Everest region.

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Experience Everest Skydive – An elite adventure at the top of the world!

Price for 2014:
Solo Skydivers: $25,000
Tandem Skydivers: $35,000

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Booking for Everest Skydive adventure is easy. Just download and send the completed forms back to us. We will handle the rest.

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Everest Skydive

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