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Highest Skydive over Everest
Everest Skydive
Everest Skydive Team

    • Solo Skydivers: $25,000
    • Tandem Skydivers: $35,000
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About us

Everest Skydive Organizer

Everest Skydive Pvt. Ltd. has been operating the event as a joint venture with highly acclaimed Nepalese tourism company, Explore Himalaya Travel & Adventure since 2011. Mr. Suman Pandey, President of Explore Himalaya Travel and Adventure, has joined hands to work together and boost the scope of aerial adventure in Nepal’s Himalaya. The company is best known as pioneer in initiating many innovative and appealing adventure tourism products. The company is in the scenario for more than fifteen years, striving incessantly to make Nepal the ultimate destination for adventure lovers. The partnership will surely help Everest Skydive grow and touch new heights.


About Explore Himalaya Travel & Adventure: explore logo

Explore Himalaya Travel & Adventure has been responsible for introducing many innovative adventures in the Nepal Himalaya, since its inception. Specializing in outdoor adventures like trekking and mountaineering, the company organizes tours and trips across four Himalayan nations: Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan and India. To date, Explore Himalaya has organized over 200 mountain expeditions, including expeditions to Mount Everest from both North and South sides. The company has organized logistics for high profile clients like Bear Grylls (GKN Everest Paramotors 2007), David Hempleman Adams, Karma Trekkers (Canadian TV show), 7 Summits (Denmark) etc. The company also played an instrumental role in organizing the ‘World’s Highest Cabinet Meeting’ at Gorakh Shep, EBC on 4 December 2009. Explore Himalaya’s dedicated and hard working team has led the company to become one of the leading names in the Himalayan tourism industry.

Explore Himalaya’s subsidiaries include Explore Himalaya Travel, Kathmandu B&B (Apartment Hotel) and HATT (Himalaya Academy of Travel & Tourism). Fishtail Air – a private Nepalese helicopter charter company, which has pioneered Alpine Rescue Operation in the Nepal Himalaya – is a partner of Explore Himalaya. Explore Himalaya is also a member of Asian Connections, a powerful new marketing alliance of Asia’s best independent inbound travel operators. The marketing alliance sees the collaboration of eight travel partners covering 14 key destinations throughout Southeast Asia and South Asia.


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